"‘When Rubashov capitulates,’ said Ivanov, ‘it won’t be out of cowardice, but by logic. It is no use trying the hard method with him. He is made out of a certain material which becomes the tougher the more you hammer on it.’"

— “Darkness At Noon” - Arthur Koestler

"There is a slight tendency on the left to believe that the people are misguided when they reject us; a bit like the Gnostics of the early Christian Church, who thought the path to salvation was the attainment of a superior knowledge only to be grasped by a select few. We can be exasperated with those who don’t share our view, rather than trying to understand, self-critically, why they don’t."

Tony Blair’s Foreword from: “The Unfinished Revolution: How New Labour Changed British Politics Forever” - Philip Gould

…Calling this a ‘slight tendency’ is a ‘slight understatement’!